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Why Professional Makeup Matters (And Shouldn't be Seen as an Afterthought)

Ok. You just booked your dream photoshoot with me you’re SUPER excited, brainstorming all the little details, getting started on your mood board, collecting drool worthy photo inspiration, planning your outfit, deciding what props will elevate your theme, where your shoot will take place, exc…. You’re checking off all the boxes when you hit the topic of “makeup” and pause….

  • Do I need professional makeup?

  • Is it really that necessary?

  • I can probably just save myself some $$ and do it myself, right?

  • Will it even make a big difference?

Let me just stop you right there and answer alllllllllll your makeup-themed concerns and questions because YES, it really is an important factor in your shoot, and YES, it really does make all the difference in the final outcome of your images! Let’s dive into why:

Makeups by Anna Sky Beauty

1.) Mega Confidence Booster

Alright, let’s just start with the most obvious reason why getting your makeup done is key. Having your makeup professionally done by someone who truly understands skin and the art of makeup is STRAIGHT UP THERAPEUTIC. I mean it’s legit up there with a spa day, massage, getting your nails done, exc… It’s the most perfect way to begin your shoot experience by treating & pampering yourself, putting yourself first, and making sure you feel and look your absolute best. I swear, every time I get my makeup professionally done for a shoot I feel like I could conquer the world! It’s the perfect way to boost your confidence and get your head and your heart in the right place to totally rock your session. Because when you FEEL confident, it will shine through in all your photos.

Makeup by Anna Sky Beauty

2.) Prepping/Understanding Skin is Important!

My incredible Makeup Artist, Anna, of Anna Sky Beauty, is the only MUA I’ve ever seen prep skin before applying makeup. She genuinely CARES and really understands her craft, so I asked her to explain why skin-prep/understanding skin is important for beautiful makeup and gorgeous images. Here’s what she had to say:

”Beautiful makeup which translates effortlessly on camera ALWAYS starts with customized skin prep. Understanding skin and product compatibility increases the longevity and performance of the makeup look. When you hire a professional makeup artist, they will tell you that nothing will achieve a camera ready look like good old skin prep. Understanding skin is my life. Knowing what product to use so it works in synergy with the makeup being applied on top is something that comes from years of practice and many mistakes. For photoshoots it is important to understand not only skin and makeup but also lighting. Is the shoot indoors using studio lighting, or outside? Time of day the photoshoot is taking place will have a huge influence in a way I select color and finish of the products used, There is always new trendy skincare and super innovative makeup products which promise to deliver filter like results, but when you go to try them you end up having a splotchy face...why?? Ingredient incompatibility. Professional grade makeup is a lot more pigmented than your favorite shade at Sephora. This allows us to custom blend a color that is uniquely you, so you will not end up looking like a floating head in the photos.”

Makeup by Anna Sky Beauty

3.) A Makeup Artist Will be Able to Understand & Elevate Your Vision

I’m gonna give it to you straight:A makeup can pretty much make or break a shoot. If it’s distracting, falling apart, or poorly done, it’s sadly just going to interfere with the vision and take away from this shoot that you put so much time, effort, money, and heart into. You’ll definitely find me photographing plenty of wild+crazy, out of the box concepts that usually truly transform once the makeup is complete. A lot of these makeups are very delicate, detailed, meticulous, complicated works of art, and sometimes, let’s just be honest, these kinds of makeups are best left in the hands of a professional who can take your vision and elevate it to its highest potential!

Makeups by Samm Weiser

4.) Professional Makeup Preps The “Canvas” (AKA: Your Skin) For Editing

Let’s see if I can explain this point without getting too nerdy on ya. One of the biggest things I’m known for is portraiture that showcases very “glowy”, luminous skin in all my subjects. This is done by essentially “painting” the skin in photoshop, and when makeup is professionally done, it almost purifies and polishes the skin so I’m better able to give each portrait that soft glowy look everyone wants. My makeup artists understand my editing style and can discern what will aid to the editing process wether it be extra glow strategically added to the makeup, full body highlight on shoulders/arms/collarbones, smoother skin with lots of depth, a subtle contour to create a more dramatic look, blending and evening out skin to reduce the look of blotchy/uneven tones, and use the highest quality products to produce high end, camera ready looks. The makeup essentially “preps the canvas” (aka: your skin), to reach it’s highest potential both IN camera, AND during post-processing.

Makeup by Anna Sky Beauty

5.) Will You Judge Me if I Don’t Get my Makeup Professionally Done?

Lol NO, of course not!! This blog post is not to make you feel bad or guilt you into anything. My goal here is purely to educate you so you understand why professional makeup is beneficial and will create a different result in your images and maximize your shoot experience. My logic on it all is that you get out what you put into it. If you’re already investing in a luxury shoot experience, you might as well go all-in (if you have the finances to do so) and book professional makeup with one of my INCREDIBLE makeup artists!

If you feel like you’re ready to move forward booking makeup to bring your vision to life, wether it be simple, natural, and glowy, or detailed, wild, + artistic, let’s chat! I’ll happily match you up with one of my amazing MUA recommendations who will be a perfect fit for the vision you’re looking to create.

Makeups by Bona Fide Beauty Co.

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