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Abandoned Piano in the Woods | Couple's Dream Shoot

Last summer my Uncle gave me a piano that had been sitting outside for a year. It was already ruined and pretty much just destined for art at this point in its life… I used it for a shoot back in 2019— we hauled it out to the secret secluded forest in his backyard and shot absolutely magical things with it. But after the shoot instead of trashing it, my Uncle just left it there in his yard. Sort of like an artistic statement I guess. It sat there for over a year in all its mysterious, magical beauty— collecting months of weathered wear&tear, withstanding the snow, rain, wind, and rot of all 4 seasons. Waiting for me to return to it again and create.

Lately I’ve been finding myself wishing to find ways to include my couples in the more creative side of the magic I make. Something for those who crave something a bit different. Something that doesn’t feel like just going through the motions of what it takes to photograph a pretty engagement session, but something that instead invites couples to dream together. To experience other worlds together. I wish to give my couples the experience of what it feels like to mark ART together.

I remembered the piano and it sort of felt like creative destiny. I pictured a couple sitting together in this wooded clearing at the old piano soaked in golden fading sunlight and nostalgic mystery. There’s something so symbolic about the piano too— it has a childlike playfulness about it and an elegant maturity all at once. It's sort of like a relationship at both the beginning stages (in all its fragile, exciting, newness), but also like the ones that have weathered many storms (and stood the test of time to only become better and more beautiful with age). And for those reasons, it felt like the perfect space to photograph these two hearts in love.


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