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A Colorful Transformation | Dream Shoot

I’m so excited to share Kevin’s dream shoot with the world not only because it’s my FIRST client dream shoot *post red-phase quarantine*, but mainly because of just how perfectly, spectacularly, and beautifully this shoot came together and unfolded. Kevin came to me initially wanting to shoot something *pride* inspired— he mentioned rainbows and butterflies, but what really got me was his desire for a shoot that evoked a major sense of self/inner peace, and joy.

As we mapped out what his shoot would look like, we talked about rich vibrant colors, warm golden sun, lush greenery, subtle rainbow flares, and a shoot that felt like a story unfolding— of him discovering himself, a gradual overtaking of color and joy, until the end where he is fully immersed in who he is, self love, acceptance, and inner peace.

Also might I just add, I am SO impressed with Kevin because this guy has NEVER modeled before. I think by now I should be used to this because I photograph sooo many people who have never stepped foot in front of camera, and every single time they blow me away. I’m constantly in awe at the trust I’m given every time I photograph a new person— the vulnerability it is to be photographed— the action of stepping in front of my lens, unguarded, with open arms and total faith, trusting that they will be in good hands. It’s always a reminder to myself that beautiful photos don’t come from experienced subjects, they come from a foundation of trust— and when there is trust both in front and behind the camera, this is what happens.


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